How You Can Help

We are a small group of family and friends doing our best to offer The Mango Tree family a stable home life. Our aim is to keep it simple, to keep the children and their adopted Mum, Genevievre together until the last child grows to adulthood. By keeping it simple we have no major over-heads: as Trustees we fund our travel to Haiti ourselves and use local Haitian shops and labour to supply the Home. We do not run major fund-raising events because that would cost money better spent on directly looking after the children themselves. We do our best to ensure that 100% of your money goes to the children.

We need only 200 people to donate as little as £10 a month (that's the price of a bottle of wine for many of us) to cover all the basic needs for the Home and to start building a small buffer zone in case of emergencies.

If you would like to give the children a stable home-life, you can contribute a monthly, annual or one-off payment, from as little as £10.

Emergency and Maintenance Funds - we have none.

We urgently need an emergency fund for medical and/or building renovation in the event of another catastrophic Hurricane or Earthquake. We would also like to buy a new eco-loo and more solar panels to help rid the compound of fumes from the generator.

If you wish to donate via credit card, please use the PAYPAL link. To minimise costs, if you are planning on making a direct debit card payment, or setting up a monthly standing order please consider a direct bank transfer instead. Please Contact Us to get in touch and we will send you the Mango Tree Account details for internet banking.