Why should you care?

Because we are different to many other charities, we honour to ensure that every penny or cent that you donate to Mango Tree Home, goes directly to the children in our care. We are small, we have no overheads. No publicity machine. Our UK and European volunteers are true volunteers, furthermore they fund their own trips and cover their own expenses as part of their commitment to helping the children.

This is also, of course, why we need your help. Because we are small, because we cannot hope, nor indeed want, to compete with the bigger charities we need the support of small regular monthly contributions to cover the basic needs for the children and to build in a small measure of comfort - emergency funds, medical expenses, annual maintenance, to help protect the children when another hurricane or earthquake hits.

No matter how little you can give, you will help secure the future of 37 children otherwise condemned to a squalid and fearful life on the streets in Haiti or at best an often unkind and institutionalised life in a large anonymous orphanage.

If you wish to donate via credit card, please use the PAYPAL link. To minimise costs, if you are planning on making a direct debit card payment, or setting up a monthly standing order please consider a direct bank transfer instead. Please Contact Us to get in touch and we will send you the Mango Tree Account details for internet banking.