Where Your Money Goes

For the care of 37 children and their carers, we currently spend each month:

  • £845 on food and household supplies
  • £115 on fuel for the generator (we have one solar panel and would like more)
  • £113 on school fees for the current school age group
  • £62 on transport to bring shopping/supplies
  • £182 on extra-curricular language tuition

These figures do not include the 'nicer things' in life a spare change of clothes or shoes, new toothbrushes and toiletries on a regular basis, more toys and books to stimulate their minds...

If you wish to donate via credit card, please use the PAYPAL link. To minimise costs, if you are planning on making a direct debit card payment, or setting up a monthly standing order please consider a direct bank transfer instead. Please Contact Us to get in touch and we will send you the Mango Tree Account details for internet banking.