How YOU Can Help

We are a small group of family and friends, doing our best to offer The Mango Tree family a stable home life. Our aim is simple, to keep the children and volunteers together until the last child grows to adulthood and ventures out into the world. By keeping it simple, keeping it “real” we have no major over-heads: we fund our travel to Haiti ourselves and use local Haitian shops and labour to supply the Home. We make sure that 100% of your donated money goes to the children.

If you would like to give the children a stable home-life, you can contribute a monthly, annual or one-off payment, from as little as £5. This is where your money will go.

For the care of 37 children and their carers we spend each month:

$1100 (approx. £845*) on food and household supplies

$  150 (approx. £115*) on fuel for the generator

$  147 (approx. £113*) on school fees for the current school age group

$     80 (approx. £ 62*) on transport to bring shopping/supplies home

* conversions based on current rate of exchange, $ prices fluctuate.

EMERGENCY FUNDS – we have none, please help.

We urgently need monies to set up an emergency fund for medical and/or building renovation expenses in the event of another Hurricane or indeed earthquake. Based on our experience of building the home from nothing a fund of $3000 would suffice in the immediate aftermath of any future catastrophe.

We would like to have monies available to meet any future emergency medical needs for the children or their carers.  In addition the Home will shortly need new mattresses and bed-linen for all the children to keep hygiene standards high.

Those are the basics covered. What else?

Education, the annual target of $1800 for school fees needs to be met and looking ahead, further vocational training to enable the young adults to find profitable work.

In addition we have around 6 or 7 children who are showing great potential and aptitude for University study. Based on university fees of around $450 (£345*) a term, we would love to start building an education fund for these more capable students.

Would you like to help these children not just survive but flourish? Please donate anything you can, no-matter how small, it will be treasured and used to feed, clothe and educate the children of The Mango Tree Home.