The Mango Tree Home is funded via your generousity, private donations and the efforts of a dedicated few. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Kids Power!

Streatham & Clapham Prep held their year 6 leavers fair at the end of the summer term, organised annually by the year 6s. This year Rowling House Charity Captain, Rosie, suggested they give the proceeds of their fair to The Mango Tree. Every penny will go towards the $1100 dollar food bill needed each month to keep the Mango Tree running. A huge “thank-you” to Rosie and her school from us all.
9 year old Charlie and his friends Kai and Zac sold their old toys and books at a “vide grenier” in France (car boot sale) recently they raised over 100 euros for The Mango Tree. A big thank-you to them too!

Future Fund-raising events:

A group of English Mums’ are undertaking the epic Marathon de Medoc near Bordeaux this September to generate much needed funds to pay for the children’s school fees. More Here
A golf competition is being planned for mid September in S.W. France to raise money towards establishing an emergency medical and building repair fund for the Home in preparation for the next Hurricane season.