The Mango Tree Home, Haiti

The Mango Tree Home, Haiti is a safe and secure family environment for orphans from the 2010 earthquake.

Set up in the immediate aftermath of the disaster it has provided solace and support to nearly a hundred children over the years and is now a permanent family home for 37 children.

Mango Tree Home Haiti Logo

Merry Chrismas from the Mango Tree Home.......

Christmas message from the Kids at the Mango Tree Home Haiti

Merry Christmas from the Mango Tree Home Haiti

A place where we care

We are working hard towards sustainability and creating the right environment to provide a decent education for the children. We still have a little way to go. 
However, we have achieved our initial aim, to provide a good home in the truest sense of that word to the children in our care. The Mango Tree is not an institution, it is a home run with love, kindness, generosity of spirit and provides a safe family environment to nurture the children and help them to develop into good citizens of Haiti.  
We feel that stability and sustainability for their care are of the utmost importance, when all else has been lost to them. From this “normality” and consistency of care we hope that they will feel better able to participate in educational activities and to go out into the world feeling supported and cared for. 
This is why we need your financial support, no matter how little, every bit goes towards making the road less rocky for children who have so little. You can help secure their future by supporting the Mango Tree Home.